You Are Not Agile Enough — Jay Zeschin, Gabe Varela; Mode Set

January 25, 2016
Let’s begin with the basics - agile is not Agile. There is no one right way to do agile. The art of agile is in the efficacy of your create → measure → learn cycles. And we’ve seen a serious amount of deficiency in the measure piece of that cycle. If you are an early stage startup and your team struggles with speed, scale, apathy, cross-team friction, aligning on business goals, prioritizing features and general motivation in the product, then this session is for you. We’ll take you through a series of exercises, tools, and deliverables that you can implement with your teams immediately. Methods that instill purposeful autonomy amongst individuals and teams, alleviate affective cross-functional conflict, and most importantly - bring clarity to the how and why each cog in the wheel matters. Metrics and measurement are key factors in organizing your business, scaling your team, and creating your product - and we aren’t talking about Google Analytics. At the end of this session, you will leave knowing how to scale your team, not your problems. Presenters: Jay Zeschin and Gabe Varela of Mode Set
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Overview — Onsi Fakhouri 😄
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Overview — Onsi Fakhouri 😄

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