DevOps for Normals — Michael Coté

August 19, 2016
Slides: In a post-unicorn era of DevOps, as “donkeys” start to adopt and use DevOps, what’s working and not working? This talk with present my current observations and advice on the topic, as well as a quick assessment of “the state of DevOps.” In the past two years, DevOps has clearly gone mainstream which is creating all sorts of interesting experiments to observe as “normal” companies, outside of technology, adopt DevOps practices. These companies are often beguiled by the core berries to DevOps adoption - a corporate culture and processes that are built around slow, project-mindset driven application delivery - but are also encountering problems unique to “normals” like dealing with legacy code, audit and compliance, and managers who don’t quite seem to get how computers work. I’ve been studying these stories over recent years and will present what I’ve observed organized into best and worst practices. My goal is always to give helpful advice that can actually be put into practice once the audience goes back to work. As a preview of the type of content, see the tail-end of my DevOpsDays talks from 2015 ( and a recent my recent “how not to screw up your cloud strategy” series ( Rough outline: -Why DevOps - the demand from business to do more with custom IT -The roll-out of DevOps so far - it's going mainstream -Putting together the case to implement DevOps -Practices and strategies for getting started and building moment. -Common barriers and how to address them -What people will learn This talk briefly explains why DevOps is "a thing," driven by very real business need and covers recent adoption trends (a sort of "state of the union" for DevOps). It then reviews the challenges organizations face adopting it and, based on real world examples, goes over how to address those issues. Attendees who are interested in learning "how to do the DevOps" in their organization when they return to work will find this talk valuable (any why "how to do the DevOps" is a wickedly piece of semiotics.) SpringOne Platform 2016 Speaker: Michael Coté; Technical Marketing, Pivotal
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