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December 2, 2016

Transforming Business Results with Big Data and Analytics

The debate is over. There’s no longer any question that Big Data analytics (BDA) has the potential to deliver transformational business value to enterprises of all types and even reinvent entire industries. From healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to manufacturing and high tech, BDA is at the top of every executive’s to do list. Indeed, BDA was the most frequently cited top priority among 3,500 organizations surveyed by IDC in 2015, while global spending on BDA technology and services surpassed $125 billion in 2015.

Unlocking the value of BDA is not without its challenges, however. Proponents of BDA must identify impactful initial use cases, demonstrate value to internal stakeholders, and ensure the availability of appropriately skilled staff. And that’s before even deploying any technology. Effectively exploiting BDA also demands orchestrating high-velocity data ingestion, blending offline and real-time analytics, and recreating existing business processes.

While no small task, the rewards of BDA definitely justify the efforts. This IDC white paper examines the current state of the BDA technology market, including common use cases and workloads, solution requirements, and enabling technologies. It also looks at factors for considering big data technologies and services from Pivotal.

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