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The DZone Guide to Modern Java

December 2, 2016

The most successful programming language in history owes much of its continuing vitality to the most effective development community in history. More than any other widely used programming language, Java learns from and responds to millions of developer’s needs. And it is those experienced software engineers that know how Java is working well, and what Java needs to do better.

So it’s important to ask: Is Java doing its job?

In this free DZone Research Partner Spotlight we will reveal the opinions of 2977 surveyed developers—specifically seeking how they are using Java to solve today’s business problems. This spotlight contains assessments on modern Java deployment topologies, the latest release practices, and modularized application architectures.

Spotlight Report Topics:

  • How Java 8 is now dominant
  • How developers are using new-to-Java 8 features extensively
  • The growth in Microservice adoption
  • How non-Java JVM languages are proliferating and enjoying more use
  • What the future of Java looks like
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The Eight-Fold Path of Data Science

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Transforming Your Company into a Data Science-Driven Enterprise