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A Roadmap to Agility

December 2, 2016

To thrive in today’s digital transformation environment, embrace tools and processes that guide the way

Digital companies such as Uber, Netflix and Airbnb are a disruptive force, using software as a key competitive weapon in how they conduct business. This is causing more traditional companies to consider how they too can create compelling customer experiences.

In most cases, achieving these kinds of results requires a new way of thinking about how IT conducts the software development and delivery process—how to make it faster, more responsive. It requires experimentation in a way that enables developers to learn and adapt rapidly. And it requires a dramatic move away from the traditional waterfall development approach.

Transformation is not easy, yet the business and IT agility rewards are great, with multi-faceted, forward- flowing benefits right down the business line.

Toward Actionable Information
Toward Actionable Information

Wealth Creation and Academic Health Science Networks
Wealth Creation and Academic Health Science Networks

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