Platform is Product at Express Scripts

December 10, 2018

Express Scripts serves 100 million Americans and works to give them better health outcomes. We caught up with Kurt Glore, Director of Cloud Engineering at Express Scripts, who spoke to Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018.

In a prior role at Express Scripts, Glore led engineering teams, and he admits that making changes or creating new features used to take months. But partnering with Pivotal Cloud Foundry helped them “shrink that down from months to days.” With PCF, Glore’s colleagues suddenly had “the ability to send just small pieces of change out at a time and get rapid feedback.”

In order to drive meaningful changes that are valuable to their customers, Express Scripts believes in the ethos that “platform is product.” There’s a product owner for PCF at Express Scripts and any patch, feature, or custom enhancement gets feedback from the broader developer team. There’s a backlog shared between all the application development teams, and also the infrastructure and security teams, which gives everyone an opportunity to participate in the product-building process.

Watch the video above to hear how Express Scripts is driving PCF education with their developer Cloud Academy. In addition to all of the above, you’ll learn how their engaged community has helped them grow cloud adoption at Express Scripts by 150% in the last year and where they’re headed next.

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