Automate Project Initiation to Deploy in Minutes

December 12, 2017
SpringOne Platform 2017 Ted Tollefson, Kroger; Shawn Sherwood, Kroger In this session, we will demonstrate how Kroger Technology has leveraged the APIs of Spring Initializr, Cloud Foundry, CI/CD tools, and databases to automate project initiation. By designing provisioning blueprints after proven cloud-native architecture patterns, we can produce solutions that are consistent, resilient and scalable. This approach has streamlined Cloud Foundry adoption across our company. When project initiation is automated, your teams can focus on business goals.
Automated PCF Upgrades with Concourse
Automated PCF Upgrades with Concourse

SpringOne Platform 2017 Rich Ruedin, Express Scripts Staying up-to-date with updates and patches is not an...

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