Pivotal Cloud Foundry Administrator

December 7, 2016 Chloe Jackson


This course provides administrators with the theoretical understanding and hands-on experience needed to manage a Pivotal Cloud Foundry Installation. The course begins with an introduction to how Pivotal Cloud Foundry is transforming the ways software is built and deployed. Students will then focus on “Day 1 Operations” - including installing Ops Manager and the Elastic Runtime, configuring users, roles, and quotas, and setting up systems for capturing and reading logs. From there, the course explores “Day 2 Operations” - backing up and restoring an installation, using BOSH, and upgrading Ops Manager and tiles. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills necessary to go from setup through maintenance of their organization’s cloud platform.

Note: This is a 5-day course; “Day 1 Operations” and “Day 2 Operations” represent major themes in IT operations.


Intended Audience
  • Administrators responsible for the installation, configuration, and management of a Pivotal Cloud Foundry installation

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer

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