Greenplum Architecture Administration and Implementation Training

December 7, 2016 Chloe Jackson

This course will provide the information needed to install, Configure and manage Pivotal Greenplum. Students are introduced to:

  • Pivotal Greenplum environment, consisting of Pivotal Greenplum and supported systems.
  • Fundamental concepts on data warehousing, business intelligence and how Greenplum helps to solve business problems in managing and analyzing Big Data.

Students will install, configure and manage Pivotal Greenplum by evaluating logical models and business requirements to determine the best physical design for Pivotal Greenplum.

Intended Audience
  • Database team (Administrators and Architects) preparing to install, deploy or design Pivotal Greenplum. Database Professionals new to an existing Greenplum Environment. Those who will administrate or manage Pivotal Greenplum.
  • Basic UNIX or Linux command line navigation and Administration skills. Database query language basics, including, but not limited to basic SQL knowledge for accessing database objects. Must know fundamental relational database concepts.

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