Boost your eCommerce with Spring

September 24, 2015
Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015 Presenter: Petar Tahchiev Core Spring Track What are the common pitfalls we need to be aware of when building an e-commerce application? How do we leverage Spring to tackle the complexity of the project and speed up the development time? How do we scale our spring application in order to support huge amounts of requests? Is it possible to bootstrap an e-commerce website in less than 5 minutes and deploy a production-ready instance to Cloud Foundry? What makes spring the perfect choice for an application framework, and how we have used it to solve our problems when building the Nemesis e-commerce platform. In this presentation we are going to discuss all those topics and we are going to make a real-life demonstration on a typical e-commerce project with the Nemesis platform. We are going to list the problems that every e-commerce application faces and we are going to go through most the projects from the Spring portfolio (Spring DATA, Spring Session, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, etc.) and demonstrate what business and technical value Spring brings to our customers. This is not a presentation on one particular Spring project, but instead a demonstration on the whole Spring eco-system, showing how all those projects can be integrated in a single project.
Functionally Testing Web Apps with Geb
Functionally Testing Web Apps with Geb

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