Pivotal RabbitMQ Offers Open Source Message Brokering

July 17, 2017
Messaging systems form the backbone that links multiple technologies and applications. As organizations move away from monolithic architectures and turn to modern paradigms to support cloud-native applications, such as event-driven and microservices, messaging systems are critical.
RabbitMQ, by Pivotal, provides a messaging system that supports operability and administrative control, along with security and compliance support. Pivotal provides RabbitMQ as an integrated service for both on-premises and cloud-hosted installations of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, offering both shared and dedicated-broker models.  
In this complimentary report, Ovum’s Principal Analyst, Michael Azoff, goes into detail about why RabbitMQ is a key component for providing communications in many deployed microservices architecture (MSA) applications and why RabbitMQ should be an integral part of your modern architecture.
RabbitMQ 3.7
RabbitMQ 3.7

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