What is Happening to the Data Warehouse Market? (Ep. 8)

November 8, 2016 Jeff Kelly

The data warehouse market has experienced some interesting developments over the last few months and years. First, Actian decided to leave the market all together over the summer, pulling its analytical database and SQL-on-Hadoop offering from the market. Not long after that, HPE announced it was divesting its software business, which includes Vertica, to a British conglomerate with virtually no U.S. market presence. Meanwhile, data warehouse appliance stalwarts IBM Netezza and Teradata have been struggling for the last couple of years to adjust to changes in customer requirements. On the flip side, Pivotal Greenplum, the only open source-based MPP analytical database on the market, continues to gain momentum with enterprises looking for a modern data warehouse to support data science and advanced analytics workloads.

So where does this leave us? In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly speaks to a group of Pivotal data engineering leaders and Pivotal’s head of data sales about what they are hearing from customers and prospects that are trying to make sense of their data warehouse options. They offer unvarnished feedback from the field, including the customer reaction to the struggles of vendors like Actian, Vertica and Teradata, thoughts on why so many are turning to Pivotal Greenplum, as well as the role open source, cloud and MPP architecture play as enterprise customers evaluate their data warehouse options (hint: they’re really important.)

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Jeff Kelly

Jeff Kelly is a Director of Product Marketing at Pivotal Software. He spends his time learning and writing about how leading enterprises are tapping the cloud, data and modern application development to transform how the world builds software. Prior to joining Pivotal, Jeff was the lead industry analyst covering Big Data analytics at Wikibon, an open source research and advisory firm. Before that, Jeff covered data warehousing, business analytics and other IT topics as a reporter and editor at TechTarget. He received his B.A. in American studies from Providence College and his M.A. in journalism from Northeastern University.

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