The Management Perspective on Transforming Allstate, With Opal Perry (Ep. 66)

May 24, 2017 Michael Coté

Improving how a large organization does software is always difficult, but vital for the ongoing success of the enterprise. In this episode, Coté talks with Allstate's Global Technology and Operations Leader Opal Perry about Allstate's ongoing cloud-native experience. Allstate has always been open about this topic, and Opal gives an update on where the company is and tactics learned for managers and executives who are navigating the waters. She also gives a preview of her upcoming talk at CF Summit.

Getting good software in place that's innovative and reliable is vital to Allstate's businesses. As Opal puts it, "we're all about really focusing on protecting you where we can, but when something bad happens, how do we restore you and get life back to normal as quickly as possible and make that hassle as minimal as possible." As the nature of insurance changes (for example, with self-driving vehicles) and new technologies become available (for example, everyone has an Internet camera in their pocket now), Allstate also needs to keep up a fast innovation cycle.

"We realized we need to have a whole different system geared up to think about these opportunities," Opal said, "and be able to create and learn from what we create and scale things out to serve the over 16 million households that are Allstate customers." Putting the technology stacks in place to do that can be the least of the problems: introducing that level of change to a large, mature organization is the real challenge. We spend most of our time talking about how management and overall process thinking has changed at Allstate.

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