Pivotal GemFire Comes to the AWS Marketplace (Ep. 40)

August 29, 2017 Jeff Kelly

Pivotal GemFire is a powerful in-memory data grid used to support web-scale applications that demand agility and speed. Agility and speed, it turns out, aren't just important for the applications GemFire supports, but also for deploying GemFire itself. In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Pivotal's Jag Mirani and Jacque Istok join Jeff and Dormain to talk about the release of Pivotal GemFire on the AWS Marketplace. With just a few clicks, users can spin up GemFire on AWS to support some of the most demanding application workloads. 


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Jeff Kelly

Jeff Kelly is a Director of Partner Marketing at Pivotal Software. Prior to joining Pivotal, Jeff was the lead industry analyst covering Big Data analytics at Wikibon. Before that, Jeff covered enterprise software as a reporter and editor at TechTarget. He received his B.A. in American studies from Providence College and his M.A. in journalism from Northeastern University.

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