Making Multi-Cloud a Reality at T-Mobile—Brendan Aye & James Webb

October 17, 2018

Not all clouds are created equal. Some have strong machine learning services, while others are known for their ease of spinning up new workloads. For T-Mobile, the goal is to maintain the flexibility to deploy different workloads on different clouds. But, none of this should matter to the developer.

That’s where Pivotal Cloud Foundry plays a major role.

“Our general idea is that we don’t want developers to have to learn each cloud provider’s API,” said Brendan Aye, a Cloud Foundry platform architect at T-Mobile. “So if you need to deploy your application on AWS versus on-premises versus GCP or Azure, your experience should not be different.”

Aye and colleague James Webb sat down with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018 to chat about the company’s approach to its multi-cloud strategy, as well as how it thinks about the relationship between PAS and PKS, and why chaos engineering ensures the platform team is ready for anything. Watch the video above.

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