Building DIY Platforms: Now You've Got Two Problems, with Matt Walburn

September 22, 2016 Coté

Backed up into a corner, developers will start coding. It’s little wonder then that as large organizations have been faced with modernizing their approach to software—all that “digital transformation”—developers in years past have been focusing on building their own platforms. Our guest this week, Matt Walburn, worked on one such project. He joins us this week to talk about the lure of the DIY platform and why, now that options like Pivotal Cloud Foundry are available, it’s usually a poor use of organization time. Not only do you need to build the full platform with all the features from the development phase to running in production, but you have to maintain it as well. As Matt says, this will run you several millions of dollars in staff salary alone. And then, after all that, you still have to write all those applications you originally set out to make.

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Show Notes


Guest: Matt Walburn on DIY Platforms

  • Matt’s interview on building DIY platforms.
  • Who drives the platform projects?
  • The role of CI/CD in a platform.
  • Matt posted this “hot take” to our internal chat tool a few months back: “The over-empowered, full-stack developer is an overcorrection created as a necessary response to the inefficient processes and poor outcomes created by yesterday’s sub-optimized Ops team. Unfortunately, the freedoms and successes enabled by this model at startups simply don’t scale within large organizations.”
  • Matt in Twitter: @mattwalburn

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