Ford Motor Company’s Transition from Auto-Motive to Auto-Mobility

June 23, 2017
Ford Motor Company’s Transition from Auto-Motive to Auto-Mobility [I] - Mohsin Ahmed & Manu Pasari, Ford Motor Company Software is driving the transformation at Ford Motor Company by enabling it to transition from an Automotive to both an Auto and a Mobility company. Embracing the agile software development methodologies and micro services architecture, Ford has launched business critical applications by leveraging the Cloud Foundry Platform in its Data Centers and the Public Cloud. Rapid adoption and iteration for the platform and its services presented the challenge to scale it globally and stay current on releases while maintaining its stability along with strong logging and monitoring. Learn how Ford Motor Company incorporated the DevOps model and integrated tools to overcome these challenges to maintain this continuous innovation platform. Mohsin Ahmed Ford Motor Company Senior Systems Engineer Mohsin Ahmed is working as Senior Systems Engineer at Ford Motor Company. He has been involved in various enterprise infrastructure design, development and implementation projects for the past 15 years. He has engineered resilient and highly available solutions with VMware virtualization platforms, Microsoft server and cloud infrastructure. His recent engagement has been with the design and implementation of Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform in the Microsoft Azure public cloud to support Ford’s transformation into both an automotive and a mobility company. Manu Pasari Ford Motor Company Manu Pasari is a Senior Systems Engineer at Ford Motor Company with over 15 years of experience in IT industry. He has worked on design, implementation and support of Virtualization solutions, Client & Server technologies and hosting Cloud Foundry platform in the enterprise Data Centers. He has recently been involved in designing Cloud Foundry platform solutions and integrating tools for its support and automation to host next generation of applications.
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