Pivotal Cloud Foundry Mobile Services – Push Notifications: The Most Powerful Way to Engage Mobile Users

December 2, 2016

Push notifications are the most powerful way to engage mobile users. Apps that use notifications increase user engagement by over 25% and double their app retention rates.

On-premise Deployment

Push notifications can be deployed within your enterprise so that you can secure it and have control of all data, logging and metrics. This is valuable information for analysis.

Dedicated Capacity

Unlike shared cloud services, performance and delivery are not affected by large traffic surges from other customers. Your service has a consistent level of uptime and can be auto-scaled by Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Scalable Architecture

Scalability is implemented using a distributed architecture that enables apps with a large user base to send notifications in a timely manner. The service can be easily scaled through Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager that provides horizontal and vertical scalability. COMPREHENSIVE LOGGING Public cloud services hide your event data, providing no visibility of downstream delivery. With Push Notifications for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, you get comprehensive logging and tracing capability.


Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular for mobile apps to improve user engagement and retention. When properly implemented, they can significantly improve user productivity by reducing user effort. Develop your push strategy and deploy it on Pivotal Cloud Foundry - a robust enterprise platform that can scale with your application and deliver the metrics that will help you to make your enterprise mobile-first.

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Solution Guide - Apigee and Pivotal
Solution Guide - Apigee and Pivotal

Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Continuously Deliver Any App to Every Major Cloud with a Single Platform
Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Continuously Deliver Any App to Every Major Cloud with a Single Platform