How to Scale DevOps by Building Platform Teams

According to a recent Gartner report, by 2023, 90% of enterprises will fail to scale DevOps initiatives if shared self-service platform approaches are not adopted. I&O leaders should dedicate teams to operating shared self-service platforms that enable agile product teams to accelerate delivery while ensuring quality and standardization. In "How to Scale DevOps by Building Platform Teams", Gartner recommends that I&O leaders focused on scaling DevOps should: 

  • Establish dedicated platform teams by recruiting diversified subject matter experts (SMEs) who will promote agility and responsiveness to product teams.
  • Redefine the platform as a set of products that continuously evolves to fulfill developer needs by building a collaborative product mindset.
  • Appoint a platform manager to navigate conflicting requirements from development teams and drive production quality and efficiency. 

Don't be a statistic of failed DevOps. Read the Gartner report to learn the organizational and technical considerations that will drive your success, then contact us to help you put make them a reality! 

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