Pivotal Container Service at VMworld 2017 (Ep. 79)

September 14, 2017 Michael Coté

A couple weeks ago Pivotal announced how kubo is being productized into Pivotal Cloud Foundry, namely, as Pivotal Container Service (or "PKS"). We discuss what PKS is and the types of workloads it seems suited for compared to the existing Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. There's also a couple of studies about container adoption and some other news from the infrastructure software world.

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PKS at VMworld

VMware delivers VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware took the wraps off their now-available service that lets you use VMware tooling to build and manage servers on-prem or in AWS.

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Michael Coté

Coté works in technical marketing for Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. See @cote for more.

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