Automated PCF Upgrades with Concourse

December 12, 2017
SpringOne Platform 2017 Rich Ruedin, Express Scripts Staying up-to-date with updates and patches is not an easy task. When updates come out multiple times a week for all of the PCF products, it can take a mountain of resources to patch each one of them manually. This effort can be simplified with implementing Concourse pipelines to detect new upgrades and install them in your environment. But deploying these pipelines is half the battle, how can you move these updates from a test PCF environment to your production PCF environment? This problem can be solved using automated smoke tests to exercise your platform to confidently move these updates through all of your environments. After this session, you will see the benefits of implementing automated pipelines for upgrades and how to make sure your platform is behaving exactly as intended.
Building Developer Pipelines with PKS, Harbor, Clair, and Concourse
Building Developer Pipelines with PKS, Harbor, Clair, and Concourse

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Maintaining BOSH Directors with Concourse CI and bosh-deployment

“BOSH deploys Concourse, and Concourse deploys BOSH” —Cloud Foundry koan A BOSH Director is a VM (virtual ...