GoSpotCheck: Making it easy for retail field teams to report data collected on site in a highly visual, easily consumable way

December 2, 2016
"We’re an early stage start up. We knew it would take a substantial portion of our financial resources to develop with Pivotal Labs. It was a big commitment. Everyone across the board feels it was the best decision we made." 


GoSpotCheck was shifting from its previous development platform to Ruby on Rails. They wanted a more scalable platform to work from, and they knew it would be easier to hire Ruby developers.


We helped with the transition to Ruby, including evaluating candidates for hiring. We developed the web app first and then took on the Android and iOS apps as additional engagements. We built the Android app from scratch and completely rewrote the iOS app. Both were originally written in PhoneGap but neither was performing well due to an inability to access some of the phone’s native functions. Our Pivots paired across all platforms, letting the team see the product from all angles.

GoSpotCheck launched the three apps in April and May of 2013. In each case, we met the earliest possible release date. We set a three-month deadline to MVP for the web app and hit our target in half that time.

Using the GoSpotCheck web app, managers analyze captured data as it arrives, tracking trends and structuring follow up surveys. GoSpotCheck solves the problem of field intelligence gathered and transmitted piecemeal. It replaces spreadsheets, clipboards and unwieldy email attachments. Information is consolidated in one place, tagged with date, time and location and instantly displayed in the web app.


“Before we came to Pivotal Labs, we were struggling to make the technology stable and consistent,” says Joey Alfano, CPO and Co-founder, GoSpotCheck. “Now we’re confident that the code we co-wrote with our Pivots works. We know a function will carry out the way we designed it to.”

“Agile development was fairly new to us, but we’re sold on it completely. We’re building a development department to employ 100% of the pairing methodologies Pivotal Labs uses,” says Alfano.

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