Web Series: Pair Programming with Pivotal & Google

January 10, 2017 Jared Ruckle


There’s so much innovation happening in public cloud these days.

That’s why the future is multi-cloud. Enterprises want to take advantage of differentiated services from each cloud provider as they hit the market. And they ask for a cloud-native platform like Cloud Foundry at the center of it all.

Consider Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform. This combination features an opinionated platform, with clean abstractions, running on best-in-class infrastructure. And plumbing in native services like BigQuery and Machine Learning is easy with the GCP Service Broker for PCF.

We teamed up with Google to bring this solution to market a few months ago, and thought it would be fun to go behind the scenes, and discuss the engineering collaboration.

To this end, Google produced a few short videos starring engineers from both companies. We’ll embed them here as they go live over the next several weeks, check them out below!

Video 4 - Application Monitoring & Logging: Cloud Foundry & Stackdriver

Video 3 - Host Monitoring: Cloud Foundry & Stackdriver

Video 2 - GCP Service Broker


Video 1 - Using BOSH to bring Cloud Foundry to GCP


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