Two Free Pivotal Labs Services For Startups—Now In Denver & Boulder

December 9, 2015 Jennifer Dearth

sfeatured-pivotallabs-tealPivotal Labs is offering two free, no-strings-attached programs that have been specifically tailored for startups—Product Office Hours and Pivotal for Startups. So if you’re a startup, read on!

These free programs provide you with the same kind of expert advice that we used to help companies like GNIP (acquired by Twitter), Groupon, Sharethrough, Modcloth, Xactly, Zendesk, Urban Dictionary, and Shutterstock design, build, and scale their products.

Select candidates get an hour of free product consulting that is grounded in over 20+ years of building great software. This program is running and available in Pivotal Labs offices around the world—and as of this month, it’s available in Denver and Boulder, Colorado too!

About Pivotal Product Office Hours And Pivotal For Startups

Product Office Hours is a variation of the office hours you might have had with your college professor except it’s run by the Pivotal Product Management team. Expanding on the Product Office Hours program, Pivotal for Startups gives qualified companies the office hours session, along with a year of free access to our Pivotal Web Services development platform and the Pivotal Tracker project management tool.

If selected, we’ll set up a one hour, working-lunch session with 2 Pivots and 2 or 3 of your team members. Together, we focus on a specific challenge that you send to us beforehand, and we make sure the right team is in the session to help you solve it.

We will collaborate and workshop through whatever is keeping you up at night. We focus on product and design challenges, ranging from defining the minimum viable product (MVP) to rapid user testing to critiquing designs.

Popular topics include:

  • How can we convert new users that miss the front door?
  • How do we teach users to use our app?
  • How can we validate a new feature faster?
  • How can we encourage a first-time user to message another user?
  • How do we know which type of customer to focus on?

The feedback is personalized and tailored to your specific problem, and we provide actionable advice to help you solve it.

What Others Are Saying

Here are some typical reviews of the experience from some of our alumni:

“The Glimpse team definitely got the most out of office hours with the Pivotal team. We ideated around our top user stories and walked away with action items to get started on. If you’re looking looking to take an honest look at your UX, there’s no better place to do it than with the Pivotal product team.”
— Elan Miller, Glimpse

“If you think you want to get into Techstars and YC etc, go see Pivotal first.”
— Matt Wright, Founder of Stitched

“Ringing, ringing endorsement for product office hours!! In 60 minutes, we basically re-designed the landing page that sees the brunt of our traffic. Do it. Seriously.”
— Ally Downey, Founder of weeSpring

“Pivotal Labs provided the expertise and structure our scrappy team needed to build out our software product, which enabled us to blaze the path for companies around the world to more efficiently develop physical products.”
— Abby Kiefer, Co-Founder of Red Clay

If you still aren’t sure this program is worthwhile, consider that IDEO, a well-known product design firm, re-imagined their software design and development process in collaboration with us. Here is their blog on the experience, as well as ours.

So, What’s The Catch?

There really isn’t one. If you are accepted into the program, we won’t try to sell you products or services. For early-stage companies, we expect (and recommend) a bias toward open source and DIY anyway. We draw from our open source roots, and find meaningful ways to engage more broadly with the community. These programs allow us to practice our workshop and consulting skills on a diverse array of problems, while also making sure we remain connected to the industry’s innovators.

Hope to see you soon!

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