Today, the Enterprise Takes One Giant Leap Forward Toward Mobile

September 18, 2013 Guest Blogger

Open Letter from Xtreme LabsFrom the editor: Today, Pivotal is proud to announce the acquisition of Xtreme Labs. Their leadership in delivering mobile solutions is an important component of Pivotal’s vision on how companies will succeed in the age where mobile, social, big data, and cloud intersect to transform how companies develop applications in a more productive, scalable way. So, we welcome Xtreme Labs to the family, and are happy to share this open letter from their founders, Amar Varma and Sundeep Madra, on why they chose to join the Pivotal team.
-Stacey Schneider

Over the last six years, Xtreme Labs enjoyed tremendous success helping companies to better leverage mobile—giving them new ways to connect and engage with customers across a variety of platforms and devices. We, personally, have enjoyed working closely with some of the world’s most important brands to approach mobile in new and innovate ways and help solve modern business challenges.

Today, we’re humbled and excited to share that Xtreme Labs will join the Pivotal family, the company that has made a name for itself in a short amount of time as a leading provider of application and data infrastructure software, data science and agile development services.

Why Pivotal? Backed by EMC, VMware and GE, this “startup” shares our vision that the landscape of modern software development has changed. Pivotal’s mission is to help companies fuse data, analytics and the cloud together to create applications that will have tremendous impact on business, society and the world around us.

Pivotal builds on the rich history of Pivotal Labs, its agile software development business which established its reputation as a hotbed of innovation committed to thinking differently about modern software development. When the opportunity to explore a relationship with Pivotal came up, it immediately became clear that we shared a common vision. We truly believe that Xtreme Labs is a perfect complement to Pivotal, helping to extend their reach to enterprise companies who want to build rich, engaging and scalable mobile experiences for customers.

When combined, Pivotal and Xtreme Labs will be able to deliver the engineering prowess to build world-class applications and deliver them to customers across any device–web, mobile and others. Our customers will gain the expertise around big data, analytics, and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that Pivotal delivers to customers across the globe. Our employees are equally excited about the opportunity to work together with the Pivotal team to bring new mobile innovations to market.

The best of what you know about Xtreme Labs continues. We will operate as usual, building best-in-class mobile experiences for the world’s most influential brands.

This is not an end, but a start to a much bigger and better mobile world. We are excited about the next chapter for Xtreme Labs and the opportunity that lies ahead for us as a part of Pivotal.

Amar Varma About the Author: Amar Varma is one of North America’s foremost experts in mobile and spends time educating enterprises and academia about the mobile ecosystem. Prior to Pivotal Amar co-founded Xtreme Labs with Sundeep Madra to capitalize on the emerging mobile ecosystem in 2007 where he focused on driving the culture of innovation and customer satisfaction.Amar holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.
Sundeep Madra About the Author: Sundeep Madra provides the vision for Pivotal’s mobile platform initiatives. Prior to Pivotal, Sunny co-founded Xtreme Labs with the goal of engaging the worlds most important companies in world-class development projects that have defined the present evolution of the mobile experience.Sundeep holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa.

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