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July 22, 2011 Onsi Fakhouri

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“We’re trying to get the Google Docs API working on our project but we keep hitting unauthorized/bad request responses. Help!”

One thought: some ruby OAuth implementations are known to fail. Try shelling out and running a command line OAuth to make sure this isn’t an incompatibility with your ruby OAuth library.

Interesting Things

  • Ruby is slower than node.js.

    Two loops and a square root turns out to be a recipe for ruby slowness. The v8 engine wins again!

  • Ubiquitous Singaporean Chile (”Sambal Chilli”) now available – briefly – in the San Francisco lounge (courtesy of Nate Clark).

    To quote Nate: “It’s usually Shrimp based but this is the Vegetarian version which I find to be pure and good.”

  • Gogaruco sign up is now open.. and the early bird tickets are gone. Sign up soon!

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