Split testing with Rails

February 12, 2009 Parker Thompson

At Pivotal we are all about rapid iteration and continual feedback for our code, and try to get our clients to get excited about this same mode of thinking with respect to their products. To make that a bit easier, I’ve been working on a simple ruby wrapper for the Google Website Optimizer that allows you to perform split tests with just a few lines of code.

To get my feet wet I’ve set up a simple experiment on this blog — https://blog.pivotal.io/blabs — and need a few more participants to get interesting data. If you get this is an RSS feed (you know who you are) and haven’t been to the site in a while c’mon by and check it out. In addition to a silly split test, we’ve been working on the site in general and there are some cool new updates.

I hope to follow up with the code and results of this test in another post. Meanwhile, I’m interested in experiences other folks have had with split testing. What kinds of tests have you done? What tools did you use, or did you roll your own? What kinds of patterns did you discover for managing multiple tests from a development and deployment perspective?

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