[SF] 11/30/2011: 30 Days has Movember

November 30, 2011 Matthew Kocher

Ask for Help

“Is there a good JS/HTML code editor that will expand to fix the contents?”

A team is just getting started with putting in a code editor and is currently using ACE. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way to tell it to take up as much height as it needs. Many suggestions were thrown out, FCK and TinyMCE being two, but none was known to auto size itself. There is one that no one can remember the name of, but they had fond memories of from the past.

Interesting Things

Movember Update

  • Webstash passed the $20k mark that Davis & Sean had been shooting for–congratulations everyone! (This does not include Rob’s generous Mohawk donation). SF has raised $323.36 per stash, NY $163.40 and Boulder $210.50. There’s still time to donate.

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