Pivotal Labs Tech Talks now on iTunes!

October 12, 2008 Joe Moore

At Pivotal, we host tech talks for our and guest developers. You can now subscribe to these video and audio tech talks on iTunes!

Just search for “Pivotal Labs” in iTunes, or click on the ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’ buttons on our Talks page. The current playlist includes:

  • Scrum – Christian Sepulveda gives an overview of the Scrum development process as it applies to software.
  • HAML – Felix Mario and Aaron Peckham talk about HAML.
  • Vertebra – Ezra Zygmuntowicz talks about Vertebra, the distributed cloud application programming platform Engine Yard is building.
  • Fire Eagle – Seth and Blaine talk about Fire Eagle, a location-awareness provider for online applications. Fire Eagle is a Yahoo! venture and gives applications and websites user-configurable information about the user’s location.
  • New Relic – Lewis Cirne demos New Relic’s real-time Rails performance monitoring and analysis tool.
  • Devver – Benk Brinkerhoff and Dan Mayer talk about Devver
  • Rubini.us – Evan Phoenix answers questions about Rubinius, a Ruby virtual machine and compiler written as much as possible in Ruby.

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