Introducing the new Xtreme Labs Tech Blog!

March 5, 2012 Pivotal Labs

There is so much going on at Xtreme Labs that we’ve officially decided that we needed two blogs.


Recently we agreed that the old kindergarten mantra of “Sharing is good,” needs to be reinstated in our daily grown-up lives. With mobile experts on every platform we are dedicating our developers to sharing their tricks, tips and shortcuts with other developers. The amount of talent and the diverse areas of interest within our company allows us to create a plethora of credible resources for other developers.


It is at this point in time that I would like to introduce our new Tech Blog that will be used by the engineers, designers and product builders here at Xtreme Labs. It is here that we will talk about what we come across as we build, design and ship the latest things in mobile and tech at the Labs.


Here is a sneak peak at some of the first blogs that are going out:

• Parsing JSON Data Efficiently on Android: JsonReader
• iOS Libraries for Productive Programming
• 7 Tools in an Advanced Android Development Workflow
• Common iOS Gotchas


Be sure to check out the thought waves that are being emitted from the new Xtreme Labs Tech Blog here:

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