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February 25, 2011 Pivotal Labs

Nearly March already? It feels like it should be June given all the cool stuff I’ve learned at Xtreme Labs so far, and I bet the other 30 co-op engineers would agree with me on that!

Being dropped into a fast-paced and relatively loud development environment, and going to a high-profile meeting with important clients — that was just day one. By day 5 (Hooray Friday!) I was demoing code I had a part in writing. I had never typed in the programming language (objective-c) or worked with iOS before that week. I thought I would be nervous, but I really wasn’t — everyone is really friendly and willing to help you out.

Pair programming is the major thing I can attribute to my epic amounts of learning in that week to the present. Coming from waterfall development environments where you sit in a high-walled cubicles all day long and reading copious of documentation, this was an ‘extreme’ difference! There was no 300 page PDF to read, no week of documentation reading. I was immediately paired with a super pro developer and began writing some code at our space on the table. I was relieved when I could just learn the ropes immediately and not have to read a novel alone instead.

Where the magic happens!

Besides enjoying the ‘real’ work I’m doing, I love the environment we have here. Everyday I hear cool news in the mobile/development world from our daily stand-up meetings (literally everyone stands up at their desks at 9:30 sharp) and the lunch and learns on Tuesdays are very informative (with free food of course). Can’t go wrong with free food and learning!

Overall I find myself much more excited about the technology in the mobile development world since being a co-op at Xtreme Labs. Everyone is passionate about their projects and the mobile world. There is a lot going on and XL is definitely the place to be!

Xtreme Labs is now accepting applications for summer 2011 internships! Please send your resume to .

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