#ImAPivot: A Community for The World’s Leading Software Experts

March 9, 2017 Edward Hieatt

Today we’re launching #ImAPivot, a program to support the growing community of leading technologists that we have the pleasure to work with at Pivotal.

As our CEO Rob Mee defined a year ago: “Our community starts with employees, but also includes our customers and a diaspora of alumni.”

Pivotal’s company values—do the right thing, do what works, be kind—largely speak for themselves, and they embody the type of people Pivots strive to be everyday. There is an underlying humility of knowing that it takes a balanced team to make meaningful progress. There are no hero developers here; Pivots know that building great software is a team sport.

The #ImAPivot community will help certain organizations working with us tell their technical story and grow their teams.

Accelerating transformation at Citi.

Who is a Pivot?

A Pivot is someone who is committed to using agile software methodologies, lean startup techniques, design thinking, and next generation cloud-native technology to build meaningful products. Pivots and honorary Pivots come from all walks of life, all industries and levels, and together they share the values, the principles, and the practices behind software transformation.

A Pivot is someone who is committed to using agile software methodologies, lean startup techniques, design thinking, and next generation cloud-native technology to build meaningful products.

Today, Pivotal works with over one-third of Fortune 100 companies. Industry leaders like Citi, GE, Ford, Verizon, Home Depot, Comcast, Humana, and Allstate are now home to honorary Pivots living the values and employing The Pivotal Way to digitally transform their industries. They work on hard problems, at massive scale, and iterate constantly:

How charity: water wins at technology.

What it means to be a Pivot

Pivots work at organizations where they are empowered to create impact and value for their business through software. Being a Pivot also means teaching, mentoring and learning from others and enabling each other to employ these modern processes and next-generation technologies. Pivots embody Pivotal’s core values—they stay on the cutting-edge of their fields, are open to discussion, and employ empathy when participating in their work.

HelloGbye will change the way you travel

Pivots and honorary Pivots are embedded within every major industry vertical-including automotive, retail, banking, entertainment, financial services, and many more. They are improving the quality and reliability of software around the world, benefitting the billions of people that rely on technology everyday.

How to participate in #ImAPivot

We aim to unite Pivots in a community that celebrates our shared values and focuses on helping people build the best technology possible. #ImAPivot is uniquely for Pivots and honorary Pivots, to stay connected, online or offline, no matter where you are in the world—focused on learning about the latest technology, discussing tips, and getting inspired by each others amazing work.

What are the Qualifications?

  • Current employees at any of Pivotal’s 20 global office locations

  • Current and past customers who work or have worked directly with Pivotal, or substantially with our products such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry or Spring. Examples include developers, designers, product managers, and operators who have adopted agile methods and lean startup techniques

  • Past employees who continue to evangelize The Pivotal Way

We welcome those who qualify to join our invite-only LinkedIn group and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. By sharing the stories of this community, and growing it, we’ll continue to highlight the influential role honorary Pivots have on changing the fortunes of their company for the better.

Visit #ImAPivot for more.


About the Author

Edward Hieatt

Edward Hieatt is Senior Vice President of Pivotal’s services organization. In this role, Edward is responsible for the strategy, execution, and business results of Pivotal's next-generation client services organization—Pivotal Labs. In addition, Edward is responsible for Pivotal's worldwide technical field and software subscription renewal organizations, which help clients adopt and become successful with Pivotal's products and services.

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