Galvanize Launches Exclusive Apprenticeship Program with Pivotal Labs

July 25, 2014 Veronica Orzechowski

We are excited to announce that Pivotal Labs is partnering with Galvanize to offer gSchool students the opportunity to participate in a new apprenticeship program. Pivotal Labs at gSchool will give developers real-world experience working on actual customer projects leveraging our agile methodology.

Today, several Pivotal Labs engineers serve as instructors in the gSchool program and some of the gSchool faculty are former Pivotal Labs engineers who have been responsible for shaping the curriculum. You can learn more about the program in this video:


The Pivotal Labs methodology involves using agile engineering practices, including pair programming and test-driven development (TDD). Agile software engineering drives the evolution of a finished product through a short, iterative development cycle and utilizes unparalleled flexibility of product design. Our award-winning agile project management tool, Pivotal Tracker, is designed to optimally manage these short development cycles and is also an integral component of the Pivotal Labs methodology. TDD ensures quality assurance is built into the process rather than leaving it to the end of a long project, enabling developers to fix mistakes earlier. Pair programming also has many benefits, including improved engineering quality, development focus, and knowledge transfer.

Ultimately, the Pivotal Labs methodology encourages development to be fast and predictable with a consistent rate of output. As such, clients benefit by seeing more consistent, timely results, while an iterative product definition facilitates a low-risk, fast return on investment.

Students will be pairing with Pivotal Labs engineers for the last three months of the gSchool immersive program, applying all of these practices to gain real world experience delivering code for Pivotal Labs clients. Students of Pivotal Labs at gSchool will benefit from a collaborative and disciplined apprenticeship program. The gSchoolers will solidify not only their understanding of writing production-level code, but retain fundamentals of the Pivotal Labs agile methodology.

The first Pivotal Labs at gSchool is launching its Full Stack Development Immersive in the heart of San Francisco’s start up community. You can learn more about the details of this program here.

We view software development as a collaborative effort and we are glad to have gSchool students a part of the team!


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