Community, Conferences, Unconferences, And SpringOne Platform

February 17, 2016 Coté

sfeatured-podcastEven the Cloud Natives get sick from time to time, which is how Andrew and I start this Pivotal Conversations episode out, talking about how we deal with decreasing status bars while we’re sick.

We spend the bulk of our time discussing what you can expect to get out of conferences and unconferences, starting with a new conference, SpringOne Platform that is coming up this summer from August 1st to the 4th. We talk about what we’re planning for this conference and how we plan to serve a good mix of all the roles—including both technical and business facing—that make up Cloud Native culture. In bringing these roles together, one of the things we’re looking to do is help people cross the “silos” they normally operate in and try to get to that “integrated team” effect that Cloud Native approaches espouse so much. I comment that this seems like a continuation of Andrew’s talk from AgileRoots 2009 where he pitches agile-minded developers to start paying attention to operations more.

Also, having recently run an unconference at an internal, Pivotal conference, we discuss how unconferences function. That discussion provides a good example of how building trust and rapport with your co-workers can make things are mundane as “meetings” more productive and useful. I liked the mechanics of the unconference, in particular that Andrew went over the “rules” of OpenSpaces style conferences, which encourage people to find conversations they like and feel free to move get up and find another talk if they’re looking for different topics.

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Editor’s Note: The name of the conference has been officially changed from Platform SpringOne to SpringOne Platform. All further communications will reflect the correct name. This piece was recorded before the name change.


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