Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 In Review

May 31, 2016 David Soul

The biggest multi-cloud event in North America kicked off with a bang last week in Santa Clara, drawing nearly 1,500 attendees and insightful talks from the Cloud Foundry userbase and ecosystem. Here are some of our highlights from the third annual Cloud Foundry Summit.

Cloud Foundry 2016 Progress

CF Summit numbers

Foundation CEO, Sam Ramji, announced two new official Cloud Foundry distributions by certifying the GE Predix industrial internet platform and managed Atos Cloud Foundry. This Summit also saw the Cloud Foundry Foundation grow at a rate of nearly one new contributor every two weeks, with Allstate, Dynatrace, Evoila, Gemalto, Hazelcast and Volkswagen announcing their membership.


A major theme from this year’s event was the success of traditional enterprises in transforming themselves to compete with software-focused tech companies. Newer Cloud Foundry adopters like BNY Mellon, Cisco, Ford and Visa shared the stage with returning organizations such as Allstate, Comcast, GE and Corelogic.

The 85 year-old insurance company, Allstate, revisited the results of their Pivotal Cloud Foundry adoption one year later, having transitioned 30% of their workloads to the platform. Senior Vice President, Doug Safford, shared that while changing their culture remains their greatest challenge, “Developers used to be 20% productive. Now they’re 80–90% productive.”

AllState Cloud Foundry Summit

Comcast delivered a similar growth story with 150 organizations and 900+ applications now running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Executive Director, Greg Otto, shared his enthusiasm for the platform by saying, “We placed a bet on Cloud Foundry. Now, we get features in days not weeks, and scaling takes minutes not months.”

The world’s largest academic book publisher, Springer Nature, shared their success in adopting microservices and continuous delivery. Head of Platform Engineering, Daniel Otte, discussed the transition from monolithic applications with single weekly deploys, to 1,400 modular applications with 4,000 weekly deploys.

1 monolith2 microservices



Finally, connected cars and industrial internet were hot topics at CF Summit, with Ford speaking about the launch of their FordPass mobility app on Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure to meet strict ‘fail never’ requirements. Daimler shared how they were able go from zero to the production launch of their new Mercedes Me on Pivotal Cloud Foundry for their connected car app in under 6 months.


Technical highlights from the 3-day conference included talks on container networking, active rebalancing, unikernels, service brokers for Azure, persistent storage, security monitoring, and BOSH on bare metal. The final day of the CF Summit was dedicated to discussion around the BOSH infrastructure tooling.

Pivotal security expert, Justin Smith, discussed how enterprises can better tackle modern security threats by embracing continuous change with a ‘Rotate, Repave and Repair’ strategy. Cloud Foundry developers also shared platform work on scaling the runtime to manage 250K containers, plus new route services for self-service API management and addons like Apigee Edge.

Justin Smith, Pivotal


The opening keynote from Sam Ramji positioned open source as a positive-sum game, and industry standardization as the shared base for technological innovation, before moving on to the realities of multi-cloud strategy, “The average enterprise uses 4.6 clouds. A single cloud just isn’t a solution anymore.”

Standardization and open source were also big topics for government speakers from the 18F digital services department and the Australian Digital Transformation Office. Diego Lapiduz, Director of, states that “We’re publishing everything that we do.”

Day 3 of the conference concluded with a fireside chats between Sam Ramji and Pivotal Executive Chairman, Paul Maritz, on the strategy behind the open platform. “Cloud Foundry is the opportunity to do for the cloud era, what Linux did for the operating system era—provide choice.”

Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of Cloud Foundry Summit 2016.

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