Art Street App Wins First Prize at Toronto LinkedIn Hackathon

February 5, 2013 Pivotal Labs

Xtreme Labs is immensely proud to recognize our employees who won first place at the Toronto LinkedIn Hackathon for their iPad app, Art Street. With only 24 hours to build it, Team Aptioneers finished early and completed their full project scope.

Art Street allows users to find interesting pieces of art around Toronto: graffiti, sculpture, installations, and more. These are presented through a map of the city, with a clickable pin for each piece of art – the pin can be tapped to open a larger picture and a description of the piece. Each piece is also listed in a navigation sidebar.

The art itself is crowd-sourced, meaning users with the app who find a piece of art can take a picture, write a brief description, and forward it for inclusion in the app. The submission is queued, then a moderator reviews it and decides whether or not to accept it.

As the first place winners, the team won three MacBook Airs. As the event sponsor, LinkedIn can publicize the app, but ownership rights remain with Team Aptioneers.

Team Aptioneers consisted of five Xtreme Labs employees, each of whom performed a specific set of tasks:

The team went into the competition with an idea and a few drawings, but nothing else: no data and no code. By splitting up the tasks, they were simultaneously able to build the client infrastructure, backend server infrastructure, and comb the internet for sources of street art to use. They met their own goals of building an app with a crowd-sourcing component, while remaining aligned to the original project scope.

Art Street was highly praised by the judges, all of them art fans, who unanimously declared it the winner. Another measure of its success is that the team has already been approached by the City of Toronto, which wishes to discuss populating Art Street with data points about art that the city has been collecting. This is great news, and has resulted in lots of fist pumping and high fives all around.

The app stood out in a competitive field for several reasons: the project scope was met in its entirety; the completed app is highly polished and visually appealing; the app has appeal to a broad range of users; and its purpose is easy to understand.

Two other teams with Xtreme Labs employees also did very well: BusPointer made it to the finals with their mobile web app of the same name, which aggregates bus scheduling information; and Life in Three received Honorable Mention for their iOS app for creating short video clips of daily life. There were about 185 participants in total across 25 teams, including employees from a few of our rivals in the mobile development industry.

Congratulations to all our successful LinkedIn Hackathon participants!

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