App Release of the Month: Globe Investor

March 8, 2012 Pivotal Labs

We all weren’t hard-wired to be investors on Bay Street, which is why the Globe and Mail teamed up with Xtreme Labs to bring you the Globe and Mail’s ever-popular Investor section right to your mobile phone.

With the Globe and Mail Investor

app you can now receive up-to-the minute market data from some of the world’s largest stock exchanges, including the TSX, DOW, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500. Keep an eye on your own investments using the ‘My Watchlist’ feature, which allows you to add stocks from your own portfolio for your reference at any time.

Also available in the app is the ‘Latest News’ section that allows you to


stay on top of news stories that may influence your potential investment decisions. Current affairs around the world affect stock and bond prices – so by giving you relavant content to analyze The Globe and Mail Investor app will help you to understand what affects prices. Use this curated news stream to find even the smallest piece of information that could affect your portfolio.

Investing in gold with one of your buddies? Be sure to send them the latest market statistics and news stories using the integrated Facebook and Twitter social media features.

Because we built the app we may be a little bias in thinking it’s the best application out there, but we aren’t the only ones who think so. Globe Investor app was selected by Apple as the top application in the “Best of 2011- Finance” category. We want to congratulate everyone at the Globe and Mail, and everyone who worked on the application at Xtreme Labs. For a full list of winners check out the Apple’s 2011 App Rewind in iTunes.

Click here to download Globe and Mail Investor app:
For iPhone
For BlackBerry

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