A new chapter for Pivotal Labs

March 19, 2012 Rob Mee

I’m delighted to announce the acquisition of Pivotal Labs by EMC. When we founded Pivotal, many years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine the company we would become. But thanks to our dedicated employees, and the support of incredible clients and partners, we have succeeded in creating something unique. Along the way, we’ve challenged conventional methods of software development, and we’ve built a culture that encourages discipline while fostering creativity.

Throughout the years, we have occasionally had conversations with investors and other companies whose resources would provide us with greater flexibility in growing the company. But we’ve been very selective, and haven’t pursued those opportunities in the past.

In 2011, EMC became a client, through their Greenplum division. From the start we were impressed by EMC’s reputation and the respect they have for our culture and development methods. The more we explored the possibility of working with EMC, the more intrigued we became about what we could accomplish together.

For EMC, acquiring Pivotal provides expertise that enhances their ability to meet customers’ needs for cutting edge software development. EMC is confident that our methods can bring substantial benefits to the complex challenges of Big Data.

For Pivotal, I’m confident that joining EMC will turbocharge our business – allowing us to do more, faster – without changing our culture or the practices that are core to our success. We’ll
increase the number and variety of clients we work with both in our current locations and in new offices as we expand to additional locations; we will invest in more resources for Tracker; and – equally important – we are committed to continuing to work with the most promising and most interesting start-ups on the planet.

I’m exceptionally proud of what all of us at Pivotal have built, and I’m looking forward to an extremely bright future as part of EMC.

About the Author

Rob Mee

Rob Mee is CEO of Pivotal and serves on its Board of Directors. He frequently advises the world's most admired brands, government agencies, and fast-rising startups about the value of agile software development using an open cloud platform.

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