A 5 Minute Guide to Generate One Thousand Friends on iOS

December 5, 2012 Pivotal Labs

At Xtreme Labs, we often build apps that interact with a large address book. Contacts are necessary if the user wants to share their favorite product to a friend, or send an article through email. To ensure we handle the worst edge cases, we need to test with a large number of contacts. Of course, it’s very inefficient to have an intern manually input all the contacts onto a device (and our interns have more important things to do!). Fortunately, we found a way to load all the contacts in a short time. How, you ask? Here’s the secret to importing a large contact list onto your iOS devices in less than 5 minutes.

1 ) Go to http://www.generatedata.com/#generator on your favourite browser.

2 ) Generate some fake data by specifying the data type and column names. Make sure you set “,” as the delimiting character and include fields such as first name and last name. See the basic configuration for a contact card below.

3 ) Generate the contacts and download the .csv file.

4 ) Open the Address Book app on your Mac.

5 ) Import the .csv file(s). by selecting File > Import (Pro tip: You can revert the import after you are done).

Option A

6a ) Sync the contact with iOS device.

Option B

6b ) Select all contacts that you want to import to your iOS device, and export as .vcf file (Pro tip: use cmd + A to select all contacts)

7b ) Email the .vcf file to yourself, and open the attachment on the iOS device you want to import contacts to.


Download this vCard file, email it to yourself (or put it in Dropbox). Open the attachment on your iOS device and get 200 contacts instantly!

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