Pivotal Practices: Why You Should Treat Platform as a Product

Your platform is not an off-the-shelf piece of software; it is an evolving set of reusable services, integrated with your existing systems, that creates valuable outcomes for your business. The platform’s capabilities should change in response to the needs of its users — your app developers — among whom it is a recognizable internal brand. In other words, your platform should be treated as a product.

Pivotal’s platform-as-product approach combines Product Management (PM), User Centered Design (UCD), Agile, eXtreme Programming (XP) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices. A dedicated, balanced platform team uses these practices to both build and run the platform product.

In this white paper, we equip you with the right frame of mind and tool-set, to get your app development team to have an idea in the morning running in production by the afternoon. Treating your platform as a product maximizes the value of the platform while minimizing delivery time, risk, and waste. Done well, it will change the way your organization builds and runs software. 

About the Authors

Joe Fitzgerald, Sr Director, Pivotal Labs
Zac Bergquist, Associate Director, Pivotal Labs
Colin Humphreys, VP, Cloud CTO, Pivotal


Containers and Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Containers and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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