• Better Late Than never

    Better Late Than never

    Helps Fixtures attempting to require files that don't exist We have global fixtures turned on in our project and on test startup a method deep in ActiveRecord::Fixtures tries to require a file for...

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  • Pingpongapalooza


    Helps Best non-paperclip solution for S3? There was a question about uploading to S3 on an iOS project backed by non-rails ruby. Best practice (Rails or not) seems to be using the AWS gem to...

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  • Multipart in Faraday

    Multipart in Faraday

    Helps Faraday multipart doesn't work? Yesterday we were trying to send multipart requests with Faraday. It doesn't work. Why?… Read more

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  • Backbone Fixtures Gem

    Backbone Fixtures Gem

    Helps Backbone fixtures gem Would you use this gem? https://pivotal.quandora.com/pivots/q/0ff16a428a404ef2aeca274956848c4a/Would-you-use-this-Jasmine-Backbone-fixtures-gem-if-we-extracted-it We...

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  • RDS can't fail

    RDS can't fail

    Helps Making snapshots fail on AWS We're trying to help our PM accept a story that requires a snapshot of a persistent disk to fail on AWS. Does anyone know a good way to make this happen or fake...

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  • Friday!


    Helps Capybara "within" blocks and CSS pseudoselectors We're running into an issue where :nth-child doesn't work with capybara CSS marchers. Oddly, the Xpath equivalents work just...

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  • Mysterious Mouse

    Mysterious Mouse

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