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  • Rails is omakase; so is AngularJS

    Rails is omakase; so is AngularJS

    Opinions DHH, one of the creators of Rails wrote a seminal blog post about Rails’ configurability and design to permit choice, while still presenting opinions on application structure. This sits...

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  • Doing it right

    Doing it right

    A famous American man called Theodore Roosevelt once wrote: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human...

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  • Developing; Fast and Slow

    Developing; Fast and Slow

    I recently picked up a copy of Daniel Kahnemann’s Thinking; Fast and Slow. It’s an excellent book describing, amongst other things, the many ways in which our brains process signals and inputs...

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  • 5 tenets of Web Smiles

    5 tenets of Web Smiles

    Make me Happy Usability has always been an important facet of success in whatever measure, on the web. Despite many usability horrors (which I won’t call out here), people are incredibly adept at...

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  • Oracle Motorsports

    Oracle Motorsports

    TL;DR: Troubleshooting Oracle performance issues is non-trivial. Pay attention to Oracle’s memory management settings when experiencing local slowness, particularly if running against Oracle XE...

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