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  • Rewinding git pull

    Rewinding git pull

    If you're using a rebase strategy for the first time you may run git pull in a situation where Git practically tells you to do it, but you don't actually want to do it. The situation is described...

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  • quick tips

    quick tips

    The following are things I found very helpful, which you also may find make your day-to-day usage of Git more enjoyable. Go HEADless In many (and perhaps all) cases HEAD is implied when no ref...

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  • rewinding git commit –amend

    rewinding git commit –amend

    It may come to pass that you will amend HEAD with changes that were meant to go on a commit earlier than HEAD via git commit --amend. In this case, you'll want to rewind that operation you just...

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  • git config rerere.enabled true

    git config rerere.enabled true

    There have been times where I performed a rebase and had to resolve conflicts as part of the rebase, and then decided to abort the rebase for one reason or another. Without rerere the next time I...

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  • exec


    (Update #1 below) Say you're going to do an interactive rebase where you're going to be squashing commits or reordering them. During this process you may want Git to execute a command after...

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  • git rebase –onto

    git rebase –onto

    "Hold on to your butts.." --Samuel L. Jackson as Ray Arnold in 'Jurassic Park' Part One: The two-argument form of git rebase --onto Say there's a commit C made on master that made a...

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  • git add -e

    git add -e

    git add -e is like git add -p, except instead of adding things at the hunk level, you edit the entire patch at once. Or, in other words, whereas git add -p will show you each hunk for every file...

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  • git reset -p

    git reset -p

    I've been using git reset -p a lot recently and I think it makes sense to clarify what it is that it does because when I first started using it I found it a little confusing. I sometimes realize...

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