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  • Staging Changes to cf-release

    Staging Changes to cf-release

    This is the final post in our CI pipeline series. This time, we talk about how the pipeline stages loggregator-related changes to cf-release to other cf-release consumers (e.g. other teams) in a...

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  • Optimizing Bosh-Lite Deployment Times

    Optimizing Bosh-Lite Deployment Times

    This post continues our CI pipeline series. In this edition, we talk about how we optimized the pipeline’s Cloud Foundry deployment step (into bosh-lite on AWS) from previously over one hour to...

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  • Using Docker For CI Pipelines

    Using Docker For CI Pipelines

    A previous post explained CI pipelines for loggregator, and this post zooms in on why the Cloud Foundry engineering team uses Docker and how. A background is given and covers the problems faced...

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  • An Overview of Loggregator CI Pipelines

    An Overview of Loggregator CI Pipelines

    Cloud Foundry at Pivotal recently set up new continuous integration pipelines for loggregator, using Thoughtworks’ Go (not to be confused with Go, the programming language.) This is the first in a...

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