Hunter Gillane


  • JSHint with Jasmine 2

    JSHint with Jasmine 2

    I’ve been using Jasmine 2 on a recent project and I wanted add JSHint as part of our Jasmine build. On a previous project I had used Brandon Keeper’s approach and started there. The core of his...

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  • Keep Your Build Fast with a Timebomb

    Keep Your Build Fast with a Timebomb

    The virtues of having a fast build have been well extolled. While there are strategies for speeding up an existing slow build, let’s look at a tool that can help us keep us from getting in that...

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  • Simple Test Parallelization

    Simple Test Parallelization

    Let’s look at a simple approach to parallelizing a test suite for a Ruby app. Parallelizing your specs can be a good strategy to get a speedup on an existing slow suite. It can also be employed...

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  • Terminal: Beyond Ctrl + A and Ctrl + E

    Terminal: Beyond Ctrl + A and Ctrl + E

    Update: I had some of the Ctrl and Option commands switched. Fixed now. As Rails developers, we spend most of our day in two places: an IDE/text editor and the command line. While we spend much...

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