Ben Moss


  • Means, Ends, Mocks, Stubs

    Means, Ends, Mocks, Stubs

    When I was first learning Test Driven Development, I recall being pretty confused by the distinction between mocks and stubs. I remember reading explanations that were basically saying that stubs...

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  • Debugging Travis builds

    Debugging Travis builds

    (Due credit to Trung Lê's article on which all this is based) We recently moved our project's CI from a TeamCity server onto Travis CI's new private CI-as-a-service program. We compared several...

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  • Running JSHint from within Jasmine

    Running JSHint from within Jasmine

    I often find myself wasting a lot of time debugging a mysteriously failing Jasmine spec, only to find the root cause being some missing semicolon, the accidental use of double-equals equality or...

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